P&G uses Octerra to standardize and measure their production bidding process across the hundreds of agencies that serve their product categories.


P&G (Proctor & Gamble) wanted to improve access into their media supply chain, provide a fair and transparent bidding process for agencies and vendors, and advance gender equality across the organization. But, with limited visibility into data about how their agency partners were distributing RFPs, reviewing bids, and selecting vendors on their behalf, they relied on a manual process of parsing through emails and spreadsheets to evaluate if the bidding process was administered fairly, accurately, and inclusive of female directors.


P&G partnered with Octerra to streamline the end-to-end production spend and provide a single source of record. Beginning in North America and then expanding into EMEA and Asia, Octerra worked with two of P&G’s largest agency holding partners to run all their competitively bid projects through the platform. Specifically, all sourcing and selection activities including requests for bids, and bid submission, review, revision, and comparisons were managed in a central location—Octerra.


As a result of moving this transactional process to a centralized and unified platform using Octerra, P&G is now able to deliver bid access to a measurably diverse and inclusive vendor pool, real-time visibility into production activities and spend data, and a standardized and fair bidding process for agencies and vendors.

"Octerra promotes consistency, enhances visibility, and streamlines the workflow associated with the bid management process, creating value for all parties— agencies, clients, and production partners alike. It’s a win-win-win."

Chief Production Officer, Agency Holding Company