Why an Octopus?

It is fairly common knowledge that octopuses have eight arms. But did you know that they also have nine brains?

Octopuses have a central brain that controls their nervous system. In addition, there is a large ganglion at the base of each of their eight arms — a grouping of nerve cells that are believed to control movement. Each arm smells, touches, and tastes independent of the others while the large, doughnut-shaped central brain ultimately co-ordinates it all. All of the parts work together to accomplish challenging tasks.




Just like the Octopus... There are a number of stakeholders involved in the creative sourcing process – the brand client, the advertising agency, and the production vendor. Each stakeholder, in turn, potentially involves a number of different teams. Within the agency, there are client services, business affairs, and production teams. Within the brand, there are brand marketing, marketing operations, and procurement teams. Outside consultants can be involved when necessary. And of course, there are the bidding vendors. Each team is vital to the process. Each team needs to be able to operate autonomously - like one of the arms of an octopus - while the central brain of Octerra allows them all to work together in harmony and pursuit of the common goal of bringing their ideas to life.


And now you know.

why octopus

Ozy the Octopus

Biologists and keepers at various aquariums around the world have for years been giving octopuses in captivity a closed jar with a tasty live crab inside to keep them entertained and intellectually stimulated (apparently this higher-level activity is required to prevent them from getting bored and depressed). Just like humans, the octopuses are capable of figuring out how to twist open the jar. Although many have achieved speedy times for this open-the-jar trick, one particular New Zealand octopus, a one-time resident at the Island Bay Marine Education Centre in Wellington named Ozy, holds the record for doing so in just under 55 seconds. Our logo and mascot is nicknamed Ozy in honor of the truly smartest of cephalopods.

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