Why Octerra?

We believe trust is foundational to creating exceptional brand image.

Our goal is to restore, build, and enhance trust in the relationships and interactions that drive the creative process. Octerra is the platform that brings together all stakeholders - brands, agencies, and vendors - for a more efficient, intelligent, and transparent exchange of ideas to foster better decision making.

Creative evolution starts here. Isn’t it time we

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About Us

We are marketers, producers and content creators with decades of experience creating advertising content at scale for some of the largest brands in the world. We are intimately familiar with both the great enthusiasms and the trying frustrations that come from the process of creative sourcing. Through our experiences we came to realize that the best way to make the process smoother, smarter, and more organized was to harness the power of technology to achieve efficiency and effectiveness for everyone involved.

From the beginning, we have sought feedback from the leaders of brands, agencies and production companies alike on how best to improve this marketing/advertising ecosystem. We processed that feedback and continue to do so every day, updating Octerra and releasing improvements that enable our customers to create amazing work – faster and easier. We are excited to share our solution with you.

So, How Did We Get Our Name?

When we were building this platform, we stumbled upon an article in Scientific American that illustrated the unique and beautiful design of the octopus. It struck a chord. We saw great similarities in the design of the octopus and what our platform was designed to do.

Then, we learned of the story of the small fishing village of Tellaro, Italy. Legend tells that some 350 years ago, a giant octopus saved the village from a band of pirates who were approaching by sea under the cover of night. An octopus purportedly climbed up out of the bay and scaled the church tower to ring a bell, alerting the villagers who were then able to save their seaside town.

An octopus on land... terra is the Latin/Italian/Portuguese term for Earth or land... Voila!

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