Taking Control of Creative Execution: Safeguarding Your Brand’s Future

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By: John Wallace        June 2nd, 2023        2 minute reading

We are seeing some of the most admired brands in the world endure unprecedented attacks on their brand image (and in many cases much more). In your next board meeting, are you prepared to answer the question, "How are we protecting our brand and our company from unwanted attacks as a result of our advertising and marketing efforts?"

You can argue about how or why we got here, but you can't argue that we are indeed here. The world has changed, and so has the political environment surrounding marketing and advertising. We are operating in an era where damage can occur at lightning speed, with severe consequences for brands that have spent decades building their value and reputation. It is no longer sufficient to entrust the decision-making process solely to agencies. Marketers must be actively involved and have a say in how their brands are represented.

Agencies are fantastic at pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions. However, it's crucial for brands’ stakeholders to be actively involved, and to be involved throughout - from concept to production and execution. Much of that process, however, remains a black box. Marketers can find themselves disconnected from the agency's vendor selection process by two or three steps. To safeguard the brand they've worked tirelessly to build over the years, however, they need visibility and influence. They need to open that black box and guide their agencies to ensure their brand's reputation remains intact.

While gaining greater control of creative execution is a critical step to achieving the visibility and influence necessary to provide proper oversight, it is a daunting endeavor. In many cases, marketers are using multiple agencies to manage their brands. The process differs from one to the next. Rarely are they involved, and any data is disparate, siloed, and ultimately inaccessible.

At the same time, on the agency side, the concept of clients being more involved can seem inconvenient (at best). Agencies should not only welcome their client's involvement, however, but champion it. Agencies that are proactively embracing this approach are gaining a competitive advantage. They are earning stronger levels of trust, and thus, freer rein from their clients. Likewise, providing clear and real-time data around how they are managing their client's brand(s) and money is further cementing their position as trusted partners rather than simply creative vendors.

Collaboration, transparency, and trust must become the driving forces that empower brands, marketers, and every stakeholder to make informed decisions, minimize risk, and ensure that their brands not only survive but thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.  To manage such a nuanced and multifaceted challenge, marketers must find a solution that provides the tools and insights necessary to bring together all stakeholders and navigate this complex landscape.


By John Wallace


Production and technology provide the foundation for John's current role at Octerra. With 12+ years of experience as Head of Production at StudioNow and AOL, he has created video content alongside some of the world's top brands & agencies.

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